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About us:

We are official representatives of Italian company La Chiocciola Del Chianti. Our choice of these products is not random. After researching the market and testing the most popular brands of snail creams on ourselves we've chosen – crèmes Doramas.
These creams are THE ONLY ONE with a concentration of 96% snail slime (no water added). They are absolutely natural with NO chemical stuff added.
They are FULLY BIOLOGICALLY produced (no killing of snails). Living in open 5 square kilometer farm in Toskana they get the best to give the best to You.
Our crèmes are all HANDMADE!
Why we suggest you to choose Doramas crèmes?
- The fastest visible effect
- The most natural highly concentrated product
- The most humane treatment towards snails while cream producing
- And Guarantee of the best Quality directly from Italy!

Afford Yourself the Luxury of Nature!

 Snail’s cream has recently become a popular skincare solution. What is the snail secretion (mucus), where it is taken from and why the snail products are so popular?  Mucus obtained from live snails. The use of snail slime is as old as folk recipes. Snail mucus was popular because of its amazing effects on the skin, it has a wonderful regenerating effect.

How to get snail mucus? Do snails hurt?

Snails do not hurt! They are grown on special plantations. They are full-fed, groomed and cherished in eco-friendly conditions.  To collect mucus snails are removed from the enclosure and then stimulate the secretion (mechanically, but no damage or destroy). After all procedures snails returned to relatives, alive and unharmed.

Our customers can always be confident that all our products have a guarantee that they have passed the highest quality, safety and ethical standards.



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