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Body Peeling

6in1Since time immemorial, the existence of mankind is connected to the benefits of salt. The salt as the basis of existence: food, preserving, healing and action. Salt had earlier, as it has not yet been produced in industrial mass production, an exceptional value. Not without reason it was called the white gold. The salt farmers use wood equipment for Saline care and harvesting. The effort is rewarded here not by quantity but by quality.

Doramas uses the salts of the seas.

Absolute well-being for body and mind.


The product contains only the extracted manually sea salt and almond oil, olive oil and argan oil . The 6 in 1 feels creamy and grainy, this is due to the composition of salt, oils and other natural essences.


There are no synthetic additives added! Biodegradable, non-animal testing!


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